Side hustle- Firewood

If you live in a rural area or even if you live in an urban area that is near a rural area you could possibly start your own side gig selling firewood. Forget the fact that you don’t personally own any wooded lots, large expanse of property or any of the tools needed to harvest the wood.

This type of business is not gonna work for everyone, there are some things that have to line up properly in order for it to be a good fit. One of the hurdles is that you must live somewhat near a hardwood processing mill. This is where you will purchase your slabs of wood that you can cut down to more manageable lengths for sale to people in the surrounding cities. Depending on the wood that you purchase, you will still be able to charge much less than the wood people find in stores and also make a nice little profit at the same time.

The slabs that you purchase from a mill are the slabs that are cut off of the outer edge of the tree log. The portion in the center is usually cut into boards for sale but that outer edge that includes the bark really has little commercial value so you can usually pick it up for a very reasonable price. Sometimes you may even get it for free if the mill owner is starting to run out of space in his racks. You will want to be smart about what type of wood that you purchase though as different wood has different value and when people buy firewood they will not pay a premium for logs just because the wood has the potential to be milled into hardwood flooring.

The great part about this little side business is that most of the truly hard work is already done. What I am getting at is that you don’t have to be a lumberjack to make this happen. You will probably need at least a small pickup truck or work van but that is true with a lot of businesses. Some times you might not even need a truck though. If your customer is close to the mill then a lot of times you can have the wood cut and delivered directly to the consumer and you just keep the profit while sitting at home in your pajamas. Sounds good to me.


Just like any other business…. you won’t get rich over night and you won’t even make money if you don’t hustle and work hard but if you are looking to maybe supplement your income by working through the weekend then this might be a decent option for you.

Tips for starting your flooring business from the “floor” up

When starting a flooring business, keeping in touch with any previous customers is of vital importance to ensure long term growth. Studies have shown that a previous customer is much cheaper to attain than a new customer. This becomes a very smart strategy when the economy takes a down turn since people are much more cautious with their money and are more likely to trust someone that they have already dealt with. Just like most other businesses, flooring companies will do much better to take the long term approach by first building reserves of cash and keeping repeat customers. Obviously if your customers are not satisfied then this will be tough to do. Keeping that in mind, it is very important that you are providing quality work for a fair price.

Long Term Focus- Make Friends

Something that we have found very important when initially starting a business is the way that you establish relationships with the people that will be able to help you grow in the future. If you plan to oversee and install every floor on your own then you can keep your standards high but you will be limited on the amount of growth that you can see. You will hit a ceiling pretty quickly if you need to be on every job that comes in. There comes a point when you will absolutely need to either hire a crew or farm out some of the jobs that come in for your company. This goes back to forming relationships. Finding installers that you can trust that are not the entrepreneurial type will be a great thing to have so keep yourself open to meeting people in the industry. Anyone that you hire or subcontract will be representing your company so be certain to check their portfolio of work and ensure that they are properly trained and act in a professional and courteous way.

Take a trip to local distributors and or wholesalers in your area. You would be shocked by how just the smallest amount of friendliness can make all the difference in the world when dealing with your suppliers. This is especially true when dealing with a small local distributor rather than the large scale company. We have heard many reports of our clients that have really gotten nothing short of special treatment from their local wood flooring distributor simply because they took the time to go make friends with the owner and employees. This may also help you to open a line of credit for your business which can help free up cash flow and allow you to take on larger more extensive jobs sooner.

Oak Flooring

The final tip we will share today has to do with your local real estate agents. We have used this trick with many clients and it has landed them countless jobs simply because of the rapport between the agent and their home buyer clients. The trick is to offer coupons to the agent for a certain amount off your services. This could be a percentage off, a flat fee per square foot or something else like “free upgrade to our high traffic polyurethane” . Doing this is good for you and the agent because they can sell it as a bonus when purchasing a house from them.

Well we hope that you enjoyed the article, if you have any questions please feel free to shoot us a line.